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Sep 30
From Our Blog

From the Kitchen: Raspberry Soufflé Recipe

Looking for a romantic dessert to share this February? This light and fluffy raspberry souffle is covered and chocolate.

Souffle – makes 3 

145g – milk

27g – sugar

120g – raspberry puree

35g – cake flour

29g – butter

40g – egg yolks

75g – egg whites

45g – sugar


  1. Preheat the oven to 400F.
  2. In a small pot, bring milk, sugar, and puree to a light simmer
  3. In another pot, make a roux with butter and flour. Melt butter. Add cake flour, stir with a whisk until flour and butter become a homogenous mixture. Slowly add the milk and puree mixture. Once the liquid and roux are well combined, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Transfer into a bowl, stir occasionally to help cool down the paste.
  4. While waiting for the mixture to cool down, butter 3 souffle dishes. Coat dishes well with butter evenly on the inside. Add sugar to coat.
  5. Whip egg whites until foam stage, add sugar, and whip to soft-medium peaks.
  6. Once paste is slightly cooled, add yolks. When egg whites are ready, fold whites into the paste in 3 increments, making sure whites are mixed in well with paste each time.
  7. Scoop souffle mix into dishes. Level the top with an offset spatula, and clean the edges of the dishes before baking.
  8. Bake @ 400F, for 17-19 minutes. Souffle should be about double in height. Once out of the oven, sift powder sugar on top and serve with chocolate anglaise.

170g – Cream

20g – Cocoa powder

40g – Egg yolks

33g – sugar


  1. Pour cream into a pot.
  2. Get an ice bath and a container for the sauce ready
  3. Pour in yolks and sugar separate. Add sugar to yolks and mix immediately until sugar dissolves (if not, the sugar will cook the yolks)
  4. Bring cream and cocoa powder to a light boil. Once ready, temper a little bit of cream to yolks and sugar mixture. Pour back into the pot. Cook sauce, stirring constantly until it reaches 180F.
  5. Once the sauce is done, strain into the container and ice until cold.
  6. Sauce can be made a day in advance. Chill to use for the next day
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