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Hotel Cerro’s dedication to exceptional food and wine celebrates precisely where we are, in the heart of one of the most beautiful and verdant parts of California.

Whether you’re lingering over a weekend brunch, having a grab & go snack, or enjoying a sit-down meal, our food is always fresh, delectable and proudly local. With wineries around us, a long growing season that supports varied produce, and our own Edible Garden, terroir is infused into the tastes we share with our guests, making us one of the most sought-after downtown San Luis Obispo restaurants.

We are pleased to know, first-hand, many of the vintners, craft brewers and distillers who create unique and memorable beverages that celebrate the taste of our land. When considering where to eat in San Luis Obispo, join us to discover, first-hand the local nuts, oils, ancient grains and cheeses that reflect the extensive bounty of California’s Central Coast.

The cuisine at Hotel Cerro focuses on the natural flavors of our region. With an uncomplicated cooking style, the local ingredients are the hero of every dish. Join us to experience the aromas, flavors, colors and textures of one of the best San Luis Obispo restaurants.

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